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Thread: VMI vs Braun

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    Thanks for that info Davey, I'll take a look next weekend at the Boston Abilities Expo.
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    One of the reasons I chose Braun over VMI is because if there is ever a problem where the electronics stop working with the lift I can just manually push the ramp out with Braun. If that happened to me in a VMI van I would be stuck in my van until I can find someone that can control the override.

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    The VMI lift has a way to manually deploy. It's actually pretty easily. It also has a power deploy feature that is independent of the main electronics so that's an option before going full manual. Not saying VMI is better than Braun, but there are options if there ever is a failure. Never been stuck in my VMI van. Never actually had to use the power or manual deploy option so I guess that's a plus too.

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    Also, we have never had any issues with our VMI converted Toyota Sienna van. And it's been to mountaintop transmitter tower sites and has had quite a goodly number of miles on it inside of a few years.

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    My New Van ...

    Just picked this up a few days ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davey View Post
    Just picked this up a few days ago.

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    Sweet looking van! Congrats!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomRL View Post
    Got a new minivan in consideration. I've got dealers handling Braun and VMI within driving distance. I'm not going to be driving. I'll probably for with a fold out ramp. Anyone have a reason to favor one over the other?
    I just traded in a 2005 Toyota Sienna rampvan. I had a lot of issues with electrical problems,battery drainage, and fold up ramp would not deploy properly. From my past experience, I purchased a 2014 Toyota Sienna VMI in floor ramp van. I don't care for the gap in the wheel wells, but I like not scraping bottom on every speed breaker I go over and the extra space it provides. The braun has very limited room behind front seats.

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    I just got a vmi Honda odyssey 2010 so far so good
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