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Thread: Waterskiing

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    Here are some photos of my wife and I skiing at the advanced lake at one of Ann's events. Para driving the boat, Para observing, and 2 Paras independent deep water start at same time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheeliegirl2010 View Post
    The ski instructor I will be working with in Florida seems to think if I can keep my hands low, chin up, and shoulder square I can do it. What exactly does it mean to have shoulders square? Honestly, though, how do you know when it's time to for lack of better words, give up? I don't want to because I have invested tons of money and love the sport, but I don't want to waste peoples time, either.
    While keeping your hands low and your chin up, keeping your shoulders square means pull them back like you are standing to attention or try to "make your shoulder blades touch one another.
    On your starts, most people have a strong side and a weak side. My strong side is rope to right side of ski so when the boat tugs, I resist it and pull my left shoulder back a little harder, by doing so I am resisting the boats pull and my ski pops right out of the water.
    Don't be scared to question your instructor if you don't understand them, they want you to understand them and a good instructor can describe the same thing a hundred different ways. Enjoy your skiing

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    Thanks very much everyone!

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