Background: I had a terrible car accident on March 21, which resulted in a broken pelvis and sacrum. I had surgery to place an illiosacral screw and pelvic plate 5 1/2 days after the accident. Now, almost 5 months later, I still have serious pain and trouble walking, plus I have neurogenic bowel and bladder, numbness in part of my perineal area, and reduced sensation in parts of the saddle area. My doctor sent me for an MRI of the lumbosacral area. He expected to find an overlooked spinal injury.
The MRI looks almost completely normal. There is a slight bulge in the L5-S1, but nothing serious enough to cause what I have going on. Nerves don't look to be compressed. My doctor was surprised, as he really expected to find a lumbar injury.
He is sending me back for an MRI of my brain, neck, and thoracic region to rule any of those areas out, but he didn't really seem to think that is the problem.
One thing I wondered was whether or not it could be that there was damage done in the crash or when the aides rolled me on my side a day and a half after the accident (They hadn't put no roll orders on me yet. It was the most painful thing I can imagine, even on all the morphine I was on.) but that the orif removed the pressure, making it look fine.
Anyway, I am confused and concerned. Does an MRI usually reveal the problem? How often is this stuff not apparent on imaging? How likely is it to be a brain, neck, or thoracic problem?
I would really appreciate any input, as I am very confused and a little frightened.