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Thread: Bryan disc vs LDR disc replacement

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    Bryan disc vs LDR disc replacement

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new here. I wanted to start this thread to provide my experience both pre and post op, and to also (hopefully) gain some needed feedback from some of you who might have had a disc replacement or know someone who has. I'm 31 years old and have been living with neck pain due to a car accident 13 years ago. I probably should have had this taken care of a long time ago but due to finances and the fact that the pain was bearable I decided to forego treatment, not knowing of course the damage caused and possible risks of not having surgery were.

    I have insurance now and am leaning heavily towards having a 2 level ADR at C4-5 & C5-6. The reason I am opting for the disc replacement is because I am young and afraid that a fusion would wear out my discs forcing me to have another fusion followed shortly after another and another until I am completely fused and unable to bend by 60.

    I've found a neurologist that I feel very comfortable with at Methodist in Houston. He has suggested we use the LDR disc replacement, as it's the only disc approved for 2 level replacement (or so I am led to believe anyhow). However, my Dad is the type of person that no matter how good a thing looks there is something better out there and he has to find it. So he contacted a group on the internet that is the 2nd largest purchaser of the Bryan disc, has 20,000 surgeries under his belt - yadda yadda... Everything they say over the phone sounds good, minimal incision/blood loss, recovery time is about 1 month, up and walking within 8 hours of the surgery. I'm the type of person though that feels "if it's too good to be true, it probably isn't", and I'm afraid this is one of those situations. So I keep going back and forth in my mind between the two, trying to make up my mind which is the best. My gut tells me to stick with the guy I feel comfortable with, regardless of how appealing the other seems.

    So, my question to the community here is; Does anyone know if either the LDR or Bryan is faulty? I read one user on here already that had to have a Bryan disc removed because he developed Facet Joint Arthrosis from the hypermobility of the Bryan disc. My neurologist in Houston said that he has concerns about the Bryan disc because of the polyurethane outer shell, he believes that it would crack and break apart over time. So, I have heard a few negative things already about the Bryan disc which further pushes me towards the doctor I like, but I know very little and can find very little info on the LDR disc replacement. Does anyone know about this product? I'll continue my research and post any interesting findings here in case there are others currently or in the future considering these options as well. Thank you for reading everyone. Best wishes to all here.

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    Will ask Dr. Young to comment when he has time. This is not really a SCI question; more related to spinal problems, but he may be able to help give you some direction.


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    I would check with a good neurosurgeon.

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    I did a quick search and both discs are associated with a fair amount of complications. It must be very frustrating. Wise.

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    Dr. Young,
    Do you have a clinic in New Jersey or will you ever?

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    Sog, what do you mean by a clinic?

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    Yeah Houston! they are doing a lot of disc replacements. See neurosurgeron- there are several spine specialist and spine institutes in Houston. (I am biased toward Methodist! I must tell you that! I worked there for 14 years!)
    But other great places and doctors also.
    Fusion best and only for unstable spines such as with trauma, fractured bones etc.
    If you need a disc- which is keeping vertebra separated from each other and that gelatinous substance leaks out and presses on the nerve and then with wear and tear and older age it can crumble so replacement to me sounds the right thing to do. And I have had a laminectomy many years ago and not much disc left and when I start having problems I would definitely consider this!
    But this may not be a spinal CORD PROBLEM -YET!
    We see so many patients with "bad spines" and one little falls or continued issues and bam that crumbling disc goes in to the spinal cord! or huge disc can also.
    So definitely not rule it out. And the neurosurgeon is the one who will tell you which is best for your case.


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    Hello again!

    Thought I would provide an update just in case anyone else out there is considering the same surgery I had done.. I went in on September 2nd to Methodist Hospital in Houston TX. The surgeon performed an anterior cervical discectomy and disc replacement at levels C 4-5 and C 5-6. Aside from the sore muscles in the back of my neck, my recovery thus far has been much easier than I had anticipated. I still have nearly full range of motion (I'd say about 90% or better compared to what it was before). Thankfully, I am able to announce that I no longer suffer from the nagging pain caused by the bulging discs. What the future holds - I don't know, but for now, I am very glad that I decided to go with the disc replacement surgery verses the fusion. I'm hopeful that the artificial discs will last 15-20 years as the surgeon suggested. He said given that I was born with such a narrow spinal canal, I may have to have a laminectomy performed after about 10 years or maybe longer.

    The disc I went with was the LDR disc, I believe the doctor said it was one of the only discs currently approved for multilevel disc replacement. From my brief experience with the disc, I can say that I do not notice it at all, aside from a feint clicking sound when I turn my head left or right. The only loss of motion really is if I try to bend my ear to my shoulder. I used to could nearly touch my ear to my shoulder, now I can only bend my neck half of that distance. Other than that, swiveling left or right, up, down, all feels normal.

    To those who responded to my inquiry before, thank you. If anyone looking into this type of surgery has any questions that I can answer from my perspective, feel free to pm me. I wish you all the best.

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    Great news!

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