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Thread: Free to a Good Home: Braun Chair Topper

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    Free to a Good Home: Braun Chair Topper

    Having switched to a wheelchair that doesn't work with the Braun Chair Topper, I have had mine removed from my car. It's in my garage, free to anyone who can pick it up from northern Virginia. Being paraplegic, I'm not going to be very much help in lifting or moving it.

    I haven't been able to upload any pictures. PM me if you'd like to see some. It has been painted to match a blue 2004 Honda Accord.

    It was purchased and professionally installed in 2004. As of the last time I tested it, it worked perfectly, but I'm offering it here as-is with no warranty whatsoever. I am also including the Sport Rack, which it had been attached to. It's ready to install, with all of the cables and bolts, but I STRONGLY recommend that it be installed professionally.

    PM me with questions.

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    I'll spread the word in NC and see if we can't find a home for it. I use a topper and have people asking me about them all the time.

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    Get hold of Easter Seals or American cancer society, they usually have a ware house to give stuff to people in need.

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    Thanks, Thermbug.

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    You might also contact your local rehabilitation centers and see if they have any patients who might be interested. One of my clients recently did this and was able to provide his to a new amputee patient.


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    Thanks, SCI-Nurse, good suggestion. I was planning to offer it to Woodrow Wilson Rehab Center if I couldn't find any takers here.

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    Is this still available? Can you send me pics please.
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