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Thread: Accessible cabin on a cruise

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    Accessible cabin on a cruise

    I didnt want to jack the the other cruise thread so i'll post pictures from my accessible cabin on the Norwegian Sky here . It was an inside cabin ...
    I'm going on the MSC Davina next month and i'll revisit this thread with photos of that cabin as well ....
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    GJ2, Thanks for posting those pictures, I've never seen the inside of an accessible cabin. It looks good. Did it work out for you? Was the cabin entry door wide enough? Did you have to bring your own shower chair?

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    This is a pretty typical accessible cabin on most ships. Keep in mind that some cruise lines have two categories of "accessible" cabins. This applies to HAL and Carnival for example. The first are generally called "modified" cabins and are really designed for those who are ambulatory but need some type of mobility device like a walker. They have a wider door, and a little more cabin room, but will not have a roll-in shower, and may have a step up into the bathroom. Fully accessible cabins will have either a small ramp or level entrance to the bathroom, a roll in shower, and more space in the bedroom area for both using and parking a wheelchair or scooter.

    Most often in a roll-in shower such as the one above there will be a wall-hung, fold down shower seat (such as shown in the last photo). We used these for a while, but my mother was short (her feet often did not meet the floor) and with no armrests or safety belt, these could be a little scary, esp. in rough seas. Most of the cruise lines will also provide a stationary shower chair if needed, but some will also be only a stool (no backrest or armrests) so if you need those, you would need to either bring your own, or rent from one of the DME companies that has an agreement for rentals with your cruise line (it varies). We also went on a few cruises where we used a plastic deck chair in the shower. It actually worked pretty well.

    We purchased a travel shower/commode chair and took it with us for the last few years of cruising, and that worked best for us. We also traveled with a lift. When not in use, we stored both the lift and the shower/commode chair in the roll-in shower area like above, so they were not in the way in the cabin.

    I will post some photos I have of different cruise line accessible cabins later (when I am home).


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    Thanks for posting these pictures. They are really helpful. I had no idea the cabins would be this spacious and accessible.

    KLD, I really love hearing about everything you did so your Mom could travel and have such a comfortable and safe experience.

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    OK, here are a few photos from the HAL Statendam (cabin 709): Accessible cabin that sleeps 3 (with a roll-away), which is hard to find:

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    Here is a picture of the Statendam's wheelchair tender lift. It is really a modified stair platform lift:

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    Here are some pictures of an accessible balcony cabin (753) on the Vision of the Seas (RCCL):

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    For the Sapphire Princess, this is cabin 310 (inside, sleeps 3-4) which has a sofa bed and two twin beds as well.

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    Rest of the bathroom from the Sapphire Princess (as above):

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    KLD, I noticed that HAL's Statendam is doing the 14 day round trip to Alaska out of Seattle next year. Do you happen to know if their accessible suites that get Neptune Lounge privleges also has the bath tub? We did that route and would again but not on the old Amsterdam because with the tub it was almost impossible to get to the roll in shower.

    BTW, for those thinking cruises a major online booker has a huge multi line sale now that ends tonight. It is on I've booked two cruises through them before during sales and got exactly what we wanted and I needed for a lot less.
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