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Thread: The guy who broke in to my house a year ago - killed someone

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    The guy who broke in to my house a year ago - killed someone

    It's hard for me to remember exactly how long it's been since Anthony Wisner broke into my apartment while I was home, I think it's been a year. I posted about it right after. I found him in my hallway, face to face. I fought him down the hallway and out the door, called 911 with a description and he was arrested within ten minutes. Caught with stolen property from my neighbors and a stack or credit cards and ID's. One of the arresting officers was a friend of mine and gave me more details later.

    I was in counseling dealing with this nightmare. I couldn't stop seeing him come down my hallway, a video in my head that repeated a thousand times. I wouldn't wish the experience on anyone. At the time I felt guilty being so rough on the guy as I got him to the door and out. My gf thought I was a good guy to worry like that even about a bad guy and a stranger and yeah I am glad that knowing what I knew then (I had 1 second to react and it was all instinct) I didn't hurt or kill the guy but this story comes out tonight on the television news. A few weeks ago someone stole a car and ran from the police, he hit several vehicles and people. It was Anthony Wisner. One of those people just died, so, fuck me.

    I don't know what to think. Is he finally going to go to prison and stay there? If I had hurt the guy maybe Zach Watson would be alive today. But I couldn't hurt the guy back then, I didn't know. I just wanted him out of my apartment, this nightmare thing appearing in my hallway.

    I'm including a link to the bad guy's story but also one of his victims, who just died. Sometimes I don't know who I am. At the time I got Wisner out of my apartment he wasn't a clear threat to my life so I couldn't do more than I did, I'm not built that way, I don't want to hurt anyone. I did the right thing for me but now a man I never met, is dead. The way life connects us to things cannot be controlled. A whirwind. Stay true to yourself and hope for the best. That's all I can think right now.

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    Hi grommet, I remember you posting about that. I think you would have had a hard time living with yourself if you had acted in any other manner - as you say, it isn't in your nature to hurt someone who isn't posing a clear threat to your life. You did the best thing in that situation, acting on instinct as an expression of your deepest self, and thanks to you other people got back their belongings; you also afforded Wisner the opportunity to reform, if he had chosen to.

    The webs of intersection in life are indeed tangled and impossible to fathom from our vantagepoint - it's even possible that Mr. Watson might have been hit on the head by a brick and killed, if he hadn't met up with Wisner. It seems to me that you've put your finger on the most important take-home lesson from this experience, when you say that life's connections cannot be controlled and that we must stay true to ourselves and hope for the best. In doing precisely that when you had your own encounter with Wisner, you acted in the wisest way possible.
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    So sorry all of this is bringing up the traumatic event for you again. Don't berate yourself. It is not your fault he killed someone. All the blame goes to him. You are a victim too.

    Do you know if he had any previous felony convictions before your event?? If so, he may be subject to 3 Strikes when it comes to sentencing. Did he ever come to trial in your case, and did you testify??


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    Don't even give it a second thought that you should have done something that would have prevented what eventually happened. With the way things are these days if you had harmed him at all you would have been the one going to jail. Don't be hard on yourself over this.
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    Pretty extraordinary story, to say the least. I mean. WOW!

    Grommet, your sensitivity always impresses me. You've got a big heart which beats with integrity. Sorry that you're having to re-live this.

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    You can try to help. You can try to make a difference every day. But the real truth is you can't control someone else's life--not ultimately. You can only control your own. If you acted honorably and according to your own convictions, and that also means staying true to your character, you have nothing to regret--not on this earth. Don't beat yourself up about this. Bad guys do bad things.

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    I know how you feel. 25 years ago I talked a new para out of committing suicide. 2 years later he killed two women drunk driving. I think about it all the time. I just keep going.

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    I remember that too, and you did nothing wrong. Let hope the system works this time and he is stopped.

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    Thank you everyone. I want to respond but just now I need some time. I really do appreciate the support, it's helping :-)

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    I wonder if any testimony from you would get him more time and put him away? Incredible. Nothing here in your faullt .. sounds like it's all Anthony!
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