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Thread: Probably beating a dead horse on here... but I don't care..

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    Wow, mine too! Thanks for the link. I never really looked in to them before. I couldn't find prices, not that I'm in the market right now, but I am curious if they are $10k or $50k. That they can be run with Group27 batteries is super cool. I don't believe anyone has done that before. I'd like to get one of their chairs and then build my own lithium ion battery array. Just fantasy for now, sitting in the old Invacare TDX-SP and that's going to be it as far as I can see. The Smart Drive has made staying in my manual chair an option for much longer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Millard View Post
    My dream chair would one of these

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    From a small cabin in the big woods of The Allegheny National Forest, PA
    I would like one of the Ranger Wheelchairs, The 904S/YUKON. 15'' knobby drive tires and 10'' casters with suspension. 3 inch ground clearance. One big thing is that it comes with wide fenders.

    Big knobby's throw a lot of water and dirt around, especially at high speed. I had to add fenders to my Frontier X5. Don't like it because of the suspension and the 2 extra casters. Last time I spoke with them, they were preparing to begin selling in the US but no dealers listed as yet.

    If I would put knobby's on my old Omegatrac, I'd take them all on. With 4'' of air suspension, adjustable front and rear, the old warhorse could go almost anywhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by baldfatdad View Post
    As a short solution. Get a bad of cement, concrete or grout and dump it on the gravel. Spread it around. Add some water if its handy, or let it rain on it or let the dew work on it a few days. It'll glue the gravel together so you can roll on it.
    There's not enough concrete or grout in the world to take care of the area I live in, or go. lol

    I'll email my vendor tomorrow and see what he knows of. I just wish that some company could make a wheeled chair with more than 2" of ground clearance. 99% of the time, that is the reason I get stuck. Trust me, it sucks climbing out of a chair to try to pull it out of ruts, holes, or logs. Done it wayyyy to many times. Maybe I should mount a winch onto my chair for those situations.. lol
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    I have had a Permobil C350 and it was great around the farm you could get up close to stuff. I have a Permobil street now and I do not like it, its fast but that's about it. Not enough power for the big tires up front in soft dirt. Will beat the hell out of you, and is to big and bulky. Would trade it back for my C350 any day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by forestranger52;1743984

    [URL=""[/URL] Last time I spoke with them, they were preparing to begin selling in the US but no dealers listed as yet.
    Looked on the website still no USA dealers listed does anyone know if they have started selling in the US yet?
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    This is the best power wheelchair comparison that I've found Good Luck!

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