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Thread: Bluetooth Headset high level quad

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    Bluetooth Headset high level quad

    i'm looking for a headset that has the biggest easyest activation botton on it

    i've so far seen one that i could probably glue some thing to the one that's on it


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    Hey Leo,

    I use the Jabra supreme -

    it has a nice size button i can press with the heel of my hand. Click to answer/hang up. click and hold to voice dial

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    If you use an iPhone their switch control feature in ios7 allows you to use any external switch to activate Siri and even navigate the phone. You just need a device that will convert the switch signal into a Bluetooth signal. I use a product called the Tecla Shield for this (this will also work with an android phone, you'll just need to use an app for the switch control). It's worked great for me, in fact me and a buddy just made a video talking about how much easier things are when you have complete control of a smartphone. With this you can use whatever headset you'd like and the button no longer has to be on the headset. I am a C2–C3 and can only move my neck and shoulders and really struggled with trying to hit the switch on a headset against my headrest. It was doable but this new option is leaps and bounds better. However if you have some arm or hand movement this may not be the best for you.

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    I have been using blue ant s4.
    I am waiting for this to be out November month:

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