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    bowel care

    Hey people, not sure how to go about this but I've been having issues trying to find caregivers I live in a small remote city in Kamloops British Columbia Canada and unfortunately I pay my caregivers out of my own pocket from a settlement I got 17 years ago that was inadequate because I can not get any government help due to the fact they say (as in our csil program which stands for community support for independent living ) that my monthly income is adequate enough to pay for my own care without getting subsidized from any government programs but lately its been really hard to find caregivers that will work for $18 an hour with out any type of compensation such as WorkSafeBC or vacation pay. my biggest issue is that a lot of these caregivers do not want to give me a manual disimpaction or any other typeof bowel program. One of the reasons I need to get a manual disimpaction everyday is because my bowels have become accustomed to that. I am on sennosides and doucusate and I try to eat healthy but it seems my bowels are not always regular and it is very hard to change my can I approach my caregivers in an easy manner and say you must dig the crap out of my ass?when most caregivers don't realize that all of us people in wheelchairs need to go..

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    First of all, stop calling it disimpaction. Many health care providers have been taught that manual disimpaction is a dangerous procedure that should only be done by physicians. It is manual REMOVAL of are not impacted. This may help in getting those with some medical background to be more willing to do it. Do you do this in addition to digital stimulation and use of a suppository, or instead of those procedures?

    Secondly, how are you recruiting caregivers? Are you upfront and specific in ads about what your care needs are? For example, instead of saying "bowel and bladder care" do you say "straight catheterization" and "insertion of suppository and manual removal of stool"? This will help to weed out those who are not willing to do it before you even get to the screening and interview stage.


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    I would also suggest incorporating part of all of the pamphlet "Neurogenic Bowel Management in Adults with Spinal Cord Injury" published by the Paralyzed Veterans in your written job description. This very informative pamphlet describes in simple language and pictures the "why" and "how" of bowel care and will make it clear what you are asking for is not out of the ordinary. This pamphlet has been recommended several times on Care Cure. Here is the link:

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    This is what I put on mine:
    Caregivers needed (North Phoenix)
    compensation: $20/weeknight and $9/hour weekend days

    Caregiver needed for a 35year old C-5/6 male quadriplegic. Job duties would include cooking, cleaning, helping me with my daily living activities, the occasional wound care,, driving, and basically being my fingers when I need things done. I try to keep things simple and little bit fun. Requirements would be dependability, dependability, and a general good nature, and oh yeah, did I mention dependability. Also, dependable transportation and fluent English are a must. There is occasional wound care but probably not for long which easily can be taught. Experience would help but is not necessary. I have no problem training people for a relatively simple job. I am looking for someone in their 20s to 40s considering we'd be spending a large amount of time together, but that's not set in stone. I do have a dog so if that's a problem let me know. The hours I'm looking to fill would be Weekend days from 10 AM until roughly 1 PM at $9/an hour and weeknights from 8 PM until 10 PM at $20 a night. I am looking for 2 separate caregivers If this job interests you send me an e-mail with your phone number. If you have any experience, please note that also I'm located in North Phoenix around 64th St. and cactus roads. :
    Then when someone comes in I asked about that. If people respond to that typically they don't have much problem doing bowel care.
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    Thanks, rybread.

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