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Thread: replace Inner Tube and Rim Tape

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    replace Inner Tube and Rim Tape

    may I know, when is the time to replace Inner Tube and Rim Tape.

    a) every 2 times change tire, 1 time change inner tube and rim tape ??

    b) every 3 years or less ??

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    I always used new tubes and re-taped every time I changed tires because of wear or a flat. It is easy to damage the tube when removing the tire from a rim. Also rubber does deteriorate with age. They even recommend car tires be changed after x years.
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    When I was running everyday grays for about 12 yrs (65 psi) I only changed one tube once because of a blowout. I changed both tube & tape once since I started running Kenda (110 psi) about 3 yrs ago. Never had any problems other than one blowout that was due to worn out tire

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    If you don't have a flat, you shouldn't need to change the tube. Look at the rim strip. If it is smooth, no tears, holes you can reuse it. The new plastic rim strips seem to be about indestructible.

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    thank you for the replied.

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    No Problem

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