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Thread: which are the right gloves to use

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    which are the right gloves to use

    I need to buy some glove packs for shower and bowel routines, but I don't know which are the proper ones? Vinyl, nitrile or latex are proper ones? Also, is better with powder or without?

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    some people/or and caregivers have or can develop latex allergies after long term exposure

    powder is just for ease of donning/doffing and my caregivers don't care for it as it leaves a residue on their hands

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    I agree about avoiding latex gloves. Both you and your caregivers are at risk for developing latex allergies with frequent use of these.

    Vinyl are cheaper than nitrile, and are usually fine for doing care such bowel care. Nitrile work better for things that take fine control, such as catheterization. We don't use powdered gloves anymore.


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    This time I've ordered latex again. In the future I'll try to avoid/limit the use of latex products in order to not develop allergies.


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    Long term exposure to latex will cause an allergy to it. I developed a severe allergy to latex after using red rubber catheters and gloves for years. It got so bad that I now have to carry an epi-pen with me all the time, just in case I ever get exposed to it without knowing. I found that vinyl unpowdered gloves work great for me (don't use them for a bowel program anymore since I got an ileostomy).


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