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Thread: FS: EasyStand Evolv Glider standing frame. $2500.

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    FS: EasyStand Evolv Glider standing frame. $2500.

    Model: large. Back support: low.

    Buyer pays shipping (or we can arrange pickup) from zip 22801.

    email me if interested:

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    Bump... anyone interested?

    To buy a new glider w/ a backrest you'll be shelling out over $5500 from Sportaid, easily $6000+ elsewhere.

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    I am...but I do not have that kind of money. You are right though....brand new these are expensive!

    This is definitely a good buy!
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    I hear ya. Thanks!

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    I've had a few emails asking why I'm selling, and for a little more info. Here ya go:

    It's several years old, but it's still in great condition. It's always been in a living area or in a home office, and hasn't been garaged or kept in a basement collecting dust and cobwebs. I have a spinal cord injury from 1999, and recently have had a couple major back surgeries (one in 2012, another this February) that make the standing frame difficult to use, primarily because I can't straighten my pelvis out in a standing position, which is painful.

    The one glitch I've had with this stander is the bolt that's used to maintain tension to hold the chest plate in place hasn't been tight enough, so I ended up cutting a small piece of wood to add bracing (see photo, at the top of the point of the arrow). It slides in right above the rails the chest support mounts on. It's not a permanent modification and comes right out.

    This has been a great machine and I hate to sell it, but it doesn't work well for me anymore.

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    I've talked to EasyStand and the best way to ship the stander is on a pallet.

    I've offered one member $2600 including freight shipping.

    The deal never happened, but I'll entertain it for you too, depending on your location.

    Anyone near Virginia, I'll consider renting a trailer to deliver it in-person.

    Interested? Let me know...

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    Bump... if you're interested, I'm willing to negotiate.

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    Is this still for sale?

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    Yup... replying to PMs now.

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