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I'm just going to reply to a couple of your things real quick because I have a headache, but didn't want to not reply at all.

For all black tires you might be interested in the Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires. They're really nice, though do add a bit of weight which I didn't like. I have a Jay3 back and love it, but it seems odd you DONT need much support and they are recommending one, I need a lot of back support and custom support so I have a mid thoracic Jay3 with lumbar support block velcroed in. If you're willing to pay, you can get black spoke spinergy LX with black hubs but black spokes usually come with silver hubs so you have to pay an upcharge for the special order. I don't have any silver on my chair, and would have been annoyed with black spokes and silver hubs but thats just me. My chair is blue, and then most everything else is black except my soft rolls casters have yellow tires with the black hubs.

I would put more consideration into cushion choice and try to sit on the cushions first. But I'm on my first wheelchair and you've had one for 8 years, so you probably have it worked out what cushions work for you? So, what have you been sitting on and do you like it? I've had a lot of issues with cushions myself.

Of the items that you asked about being removable, I believe everything but possibly the push handles can be completely removed. With push handles it depends on what kind you get, one option is integrated into the frame and so not removable. Another option is fold down push handles, which I have on my chair and really like them. But I plan on getting no push handles on my next chair, and if you don't want them I'd push the issue and demand no push handles. Its YOUR chair, YOU have to live with it and if they said "trust me" again when you try to get things the way you want, tell them to go fuck themselves literally or figuratively and get what YOU want.

For flat footrest you should be able to get either the one with the abs cover, or the angle adjustable one. The flip up option also has a flat solid footrest as opposed to an open tube frame.
Thanks for the reply, ~Lin. I really appreciate it.

I thought the thing about the backrest was odd, too. When I was demoing the chair, they through a Jay 3 on it just to see how it felt with a solid back, but kept saying I would have a very short back (basically just covering the small of my back). Then, at some point, the J3 ended up on the report.

I'll have to look into the black hubs on the Spinergy LX's. That option isn't shown on the TiLite order form, which is what I've been going by for all of my research.

As for my cushion, I've just been sitting on a cheap ass (pun unintended) Jay Basic cushion. It's not comfortable. Nothing about my current chair is comfortable in the least.

Don't you worry, I am 100% willing to tell them to shove it up their asses if they don't get me what I want, and at this point, I'd have to say I'm ready.

Thanks again. I hope your headache has gone away.