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Thread: Questions About Wheelchairs/Components in General, and Specifically for TiLite Aero Z

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    I'm not sure what your name is, because for some reason it is not appearing. I'm glad to see that you are getting a lot of good input.

    You are very wise to make sure you understand everything you are getting, and take a strong role in the process. I do not think it is smart to just review the order on the telephone. I think it is reasonable to expect more explanation than you have received and be able to ask questions and discuss options. That is the whole point in having a dealer, and what they receive a 30-40% commission for. We also require that the dealer sends us the filled in PDF order form to approve in advance submitting it. It will save you a lot of time and headaches if there are mistakes. Our dealer was using an older order form and it really screwed things up. Also, as others have mentioned, make sure that you get a CAD drawing that only you sign off on.

    I'm the partner of someone who uses a TiLite ZRA and 2GX wheelchairs and is not SCI. The ZRA is similar to the Aero Z, but is titanium as opposed to aluminium. Because of that, my comments will be more just general in relation to the Aero Z order form (dated July 1, 2014).

    1. AZFS1 TiLite Aero Z is the core aluminium frame. AZFS4 Titanium Frame is an upcharge for a titanium frame instead of aluminium. If you are wanting titanium, it is cheaper to go with a ZRA than pay the upcharge on an Aero Z, assuming your funding source will allow that. What your DME said does not make sense to me. They could be referring to A2P1 SuperLite Edition, which is for titanium and carbon fiber options, as opposed to aluminium options, but the frame would still be aluminium. They could also be referring to the A2RFR1 Reinforced Frame, but again, that would be aluminium and not titanium.

    2. It's really expensive to add these things on later, and perhaps that is why they are being recommended. Push handles handles can be removed. My husband needs push handles, so we got the fold-downs which are really nice, and mostly out of the way if not needed. The anti-tipper clamp/recpetacle and the side guard clamps can also be completely removed. If you want to know what the actual parts are, go to the e-store You will want to look for parts and assemblies for the Aero Z Series 2 (not the Series 1).

    3. Regardless of the type of chair, I think side guards are a personal choice. They certainly help protect clothes, but if you really don't need them, they are not necessary.

    4. 5. We go with satin titanium so it can be buffed out and black for everything when there is a choice. I know that with the Black Editions you can get a Black Lava Footrest, but that edition is not available for the Aero Z. You may also want to check the Designs Unlimited Catalog which shows DU100087 Mixed Color Anodized Parts on page 56, which I "think" means you could have the footrest painted as well.

    6. We have Frog Legs Epic Aluminum Soft Rolls because the Litespeeds were not available when we got the chair. I've heard they are quite similar and people seem to like them. We really like the wider soft rolls for vibration dampening.

    7. We also were rejected for Spinergy LX's. We order the standard TiLite Shadow wheels and ordered the Spinergy LX's online separately and swapped them out. It's nice to have the Shadow's as backups. We really like them, and I do think they help with vibration dampening. My husband really wanted all black, so we ordered the hub in black to match the black spokes. I don't know why Spinergy has an upcharge for that ($80 I think) because the black hub is standard for other colors of spokes.

    8. No experience, but if you search the forum you will see some posts. I know that ResonantEcho has them, and I think he likes them.

    9. No experience. If you are getting a solid seat back like the J3, you might want to consider the A2SB19 4" Deep Backrest Rigidizer Bar. My husband has and ADI carbon fiber seat back and base, and the 4" is needed to maintain his seat depth and also to be able to fold down the back flat.

    10. I go with what others have said about this topic. It is way more than just an issue of comfort.

    11. No experience. My huband uses D's Locks (hub locks) on both chairs with Spinergy LX's.

    12. We have solid inserts on one chair and they are horribly heavy and also make for a bumpy ride. We have Schwalbe Marathon Plus Evolution on the other, and prefer them. They don't leave skid marks and have good puncture protection, but as mentioned by someone, they are also a bit heavy, but still not as bad as solids by any means. I would do the Marathons instead of solids.

    13. No experience.

    14. Many people use the Backrest Rigidizer Bar if push handles are mostly not needed, but then you may want to consider A2SB13 Custom Height Backrest Rigidizer Bar to place it higher up on the back frame.

    15. For anything that you are paying out-of-pocket for, consider ordering the standard (STD) and no charge options (NCO) from your dealer and placing a second order online. We did that with almost everything on the chair and saved a lot of money, and have backups for many parts. For things like the J3 back, that are not available through TiLite, you can still order the A2BUP2 Velcro Adjustable back upholstery, and just note on the order form that you do not want it installed.
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