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Thread: upgrade to quad core?

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    upgrade to quad core?

    right now i'm using an intel e8500 dual core on my asus p5q board. ebay has loads of Core 2 Quad Q6600 for cheap prices. would upgrading to the quad really help speed up my pc..
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    According to what you have should be good enough for most things.
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    Thanks a lot Mr. russianboss. You saved me an unnecessary upgrade, plus time and money.
    Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.
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    Some additional RAM may speed things up.
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    Will help Unix or GNU systems which support POSIX fork(2). On Windows another core can be used for transition effects or could just turn display transition effects off. i.e. optimise display for performance.

    I can't see how in normal Windows use more than 2 threads could be used.

    Multiple threads per core keeps core well fed which works for POSIX systems.
    I.e. 4 cores 8 threads.

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    I bought a couple of these refurbished workstations off Ebay for around $100.00 each and they work great.

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    yes, i think you should do that. Also remember that you computer is as fast as the slowest part, so you also need to upgrade RAM if you want to see greater efficiency.
    If you need any help with that, feel free to ask me via PM.

    Have a nice day
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    It really depends on what you're doing on your PC. The e8500 is actually faster than the Quad 6600 for single-threaded applications. I'd probably recommended you don't upgrade.

    Edit: Slow pony! Just realised the thread was from last year. The recent reply fooled me

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    I have heard that a good way to speed up your pc is to add a solid state hard drive.

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    Another tip - You probably know anyways - Is most of us have tons of unnecessary services and applications running in the background. You can d/l a good start up utility from cnet to permanently stop these from loading.

    Anti Virus is another HUGE drain. I use to have Mcaffee but each update/upgrade slowed my pc to a crawl. I uninstalled it in favour of paid versions of Panda and Malware. Huge speed return.

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