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Thread: Baclofen Pump and Pain

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    Baclofen Pump and Pain

    Hi hoping someone has some answers. I'm a C5/C6 Asia B nearly 2 years post. Didnt have nerve pain in the months after my accident but developed severe spasms and had a pump installed. From the moment I woke up from the pump surgery I had crazy nerve pain in my hands, legs, and feet and have had it every exhausting second since. Docs are confused as the baclofen pump in some cases helps pain but they've never seen it cause so much as it has in my case.

    The pain almost always gets worse as the day goes on and often by the evening it puts me out of commission. And worse yet if I tilt back in my chair and doze off for even 10 minutes I wake up and the pain is through the roof! I also can't lay in bed too long in the morning or everything goes nuts. And the type and degree of pain changes depending on the position I'm in.

    We've tried neurotin but it doesn't seem to do anything and lyrica and cymbalta I have been hypersensitive to and had to stop immediately.

    Does anyone know what could be going on here or have had a similar experience with the pump? Is it possible to be hypersensitive to intrathecal baclofen since I seem to be hypersensitive to everything else? Could nerves have been damaged during the pump surgery? A dislodged cathter tip? Or is it just a sad case of solve one problem and open the door to another.

    Any suggestions or advice of where to go from here would be truly appreciated. I'm losing my mind!!

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    I never heard of that problem in particular but there are medications you can put in the pump to help you out. I have bibucaine mixed in with my baclofen to help lower my central pain. It makes a huge difference. Maybe they can give that a shot. Good luck.

    Check out my thread about the pump here.
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