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Thread: pins and needles, burning sensation in my hands

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    pins and needles, burning sensation in my hands

    Hi everyone,

    How are we all? Hoping that you are all well.

    I had a SCI almost in the last 2 years from C2-C5, but I still got pins and needles in my hands.
    Also i got the burning sensation in both hands.
    I take 2 x 150mg lyrica a days but the feeling still existed.
    Anyone had the same experiences please advise does that feeling will be gone in the near future? Thanks
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    I'm 32 years post injury and I still have the symptoms you describe. Some days it is better, some days it is worse, but it is always there. I've tried all the meds and nothing has worked for me. Hope you find something that will help you.

    All the best,

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