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Thread: chronic pain

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    chronic pain

    I have a T-12 burst fracture incomplete I'm 8 months into my injury I still have severe pain is that common with a injury like this Im looking for some feedback from someone with the same injury thank you
    Richard Herr incomplete paraplegia T-12 burst fracture

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    Most people with spinal cord injuries have chronic neuropathic pain that can be severe. I am moving your post to the Pain forum where you can discuss this with many others of our members.


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    pins and needles also burning sensation in both hands

    Hi there,

    I had a SCI from C2-C5
    I got pins and needles also burning sensation in both hands since the first day of SCI (almost 2 years ago)
    Will this feeling go away in the future or I have to cary this pain in the rest of my life? Please advise. Thanks
    I take 2 x 150mg Lyrica/day to slow the pain but it is still very painful and frustrated.

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    My legs are like that from my knees to my get feet I wonder the same thing im on 10mg norco 3 times a day and 15mg ms cotton 2 times a day???
    Richard Herr incomplete paraplegia T-12 burst fracture

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    Have you been tried on Neurontin or Lyrica or Tegretol for your neuropathic pain? These are the first line drugs that should be tried before using strong opioids like Norco or MS Contin


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    richerr51 and berala - I suffered a L1 burst fracture SCI 12 years ago with unremitting chronic neuropathic pain. Without sugar coating, the answer to your question is that this will likely last the rest of your life, so you will have to find a way to coexist with it. For me, it continues to be a huge struggle trying to get pain under a modicum of control. It is the number one problem for me with bowel/bladder/immobility all taking a second and third place in
    'bad problems from SCI'.
    Lots of people with extensive experience on this board regarding this.
    Good luck.

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