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Thread: Are We Ready For a Stem Cell Trial in Transverse Myelitis?

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    Well, I still get the flyer for donations to the Transverse Myelitis Assn. Nothing mentioned about this fucking stem cell trial or anything else. Way to keep the hope going, this blows

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    It seems to me that TM cases would be some of the last to get research. The first would be complete quads and then complete paras. Recent SCIs.

    With TM, you are usually incomplete. That makes evaluation of the treatment less certain. Did the treatment result in improvement or was that going to happen anyway? And first, recent SCIs will get research. Waiting for the muscles to deteriorate and then giving treatment also makes evaluation unclear. If it was unsuccessful, was it because it provided no spinal cord healing OR was it because the muscles just couldn't come back?

    When I got TM, about 12 years ago, literature suggested spinal cord cures just 10 years away. We're overdue.
    TM 2004 T12 incomplete

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    Never had my hopes in stem cells anyway.
    Make America Sane Again. lol

    T-11 Flaccid Paraplegic due to TM July 1985 @ age 12

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    It's just for me personally, we'll not have enough knowledge of stem cells for many many years to come - longer than my life time. I'd be afraid of tumours, growths, etc.

    When there are so many other things in the research pipeline, I'd prefer those - including the electrical stimulation!

    Jennifer Spence ‏@lynnifer72 23h
    @AcordaNews ? When will the results of this study be coming out - was it safe?

    Acorda Therapeutics ‏@AcordaNews 15h
    @lynnifer72 we expect to announce the rHIgM22 trial findings in early 2015
    8:23 AM - 8 Aug 2014 ? Details
    I think that electrical stimulation is a good idea, too.
    Female, T9 incomplete

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