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Thread: Dry mouth

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    Dry mouth

    I was going to post this in the Care section, but it's not urgent and might be answered by non-medical solutions.
    I take 15 mg of Ditropan a day and my mouth is constantly parched. I've tried that mouthwash for dry mouth but it was kinda nasty.
    I drink water (nearly a gallon) a day, juice with my meds and only about 1-2 cokes/pepsis a week.
    Anyone have some sort of solution?

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    Have you tried chewing gum? Supposedly the chewing action is responsible for most of our saliva production.
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    I can't do gum well... I tend to get choked on it every time I give it a try.

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    There are over-the-counter preparations that include lozenges, gels, toothpaste, mouth wash, and even patches that you attach to the roof of your mouth for temporary relief of dry mouth. Some of the brand names are Biotene, Spry, OraJel. Check out some of these products in the toothpaste section of your drug store.

    Do you have dry mouth from taking anticholinergics or other medications. If from antichilinergics, you can sometimes modify the amount of the drug you are taking and still get the advantages of the medication and not suffer as much dry mouth problems. Talk with your doctor about adjusting the dosage if this is the case.

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    I recently had to go from 5mg to 15mg of Ditropan due to bladder spasms and leakage around the SP tube. I'll look for something on Amazon.


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    I have it bad, meds. Can't reduce the meds without serious consequences. Biotene is nasty but at least stomps my mouth from "gluing" itself shut. Sugar free cough drops work, as do lifesavers during the only or I choke on them, I seem to be worse as I get tired. My best is water then the biotene. sorry I don't have a better solution (that's funny). I have just come to look at it as another gift of SCI. Sorry Scott I know it sucks.


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    I stick a Certs in my mouth whenever it gets dry. Dry mouth makes your breath nasty, so I kill 2 birds with one stone.
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    Some people have less problems with this with certain anticholenergic drugs than others; for example, Santura for many is less drying. Talk to your urologist about trying some other options. This is a reason we have had an increasing number of our clients getting bladder Botox too (due to too many side effects of anticholenergics).


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    Try gum or candies with xylitol in them as a sweetner. There is some pretty good evidence that it helps ward off caries and decay as well as stops dry mouth. Brushing before bed with biotene helps prevent the problems of dry mouth too.
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    i use Biotene or Coconut oil

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