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Thread: SPMS, BPH, Lasix, Flomax, Cardura?

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    SPMS, BPH, Lasix, Flomax, Cardura?

    So I've got SPMS. I can use a walker with difficulty, but I spend most my day sitting, which of course causes my ankles and feet to swell. My PCP rx'd Lasix. Stand up every hour throughout the morning to pee. And, I also wake up every hour or two at night. PCP says "sounds like Benign Prostate Hyper...whatever".

    So, PCP rx'd Flomax. One dose and I woke in the middle of the night with diarrhea. Not pleasant.

    I tried Saw Palmetto, but no effect. PCP now says "let's try Cardura".

    Okay...but I'd really rather not go thru getting hosed off again.

    Can anyone tell me if Cardura has the same side effects as Flomax?

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    11,007 Just type in the name of the drug and head toward side effects and then warnings. I'd suggest seeing a urologist not your PCP to check anything prostate and urine connected. Lasix is used for many conditions that cause fluid retention beside high blood pressure and the peeing should even out slowly unless you are taking it for high blood pressure and then you should probably switch to a newer bp med.
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    For swelling in ankles you could wear compression stockings first before using lasix

    did you have BPH before being prescribed lasix for the ankle swelling?

    lasix will make you urinate more often it kicks in 6 hours after the dosing


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    I have limited mobility and no one to help with compression socks. The last prostate exam I had...maybe 5 years ago...the doctor said "a little swelling, but nothing to be concerned about". During a colonoscopy last year, the doctor noted in passing..."no real problem".

    At the moment, I'm inclined to just make a point to get my feet elevated a couple times a day and stop the drugs. We'll see what happens.

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