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Thread: T12 Burst Fracture

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    Thumbs up T12 Burst Fracture

    on December 16th 2013 I fell off a roof 23 right after impact I knew I hurt myself because from my knees to my feet were really sentsivtive and I couldn't move my lower half they had to fly me to the nearest hospital that's where I found out that I had a t -12 burst fracture they fused me from my t- 9 to my L-3 I was in the hospital for 2 months within 3 weeks they had me up walking with a walker then within 5 months a cane now it's been 8 months and I use the cane only when I need it I'm only 34 I am a very lucky person I read everyone's story and I feel grateful for what I can do I have no bladder or Bowel problems but I'm lower legs and feet are still tingaley my right side is my weak side if anyone has any? You can message me or e mail thanks

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    healing time???

    On December 16 2013 I had a T-12 bust fracture due to a fall from a roof I was working on what is the healing time and will I see more progress with my mobility?
    Richard Herr incomplete paraplegia T-12 burst fracture

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    Impossible to say, but normally it takes 3 months after surgery for the bones to heal sufficiently, but healing of the bones long term occurs over about a year.

    Any neurologic return is also impossible to predict, although most occurs in the first 3-6 months; many people continue to get some slower return for up to 2 years.

    Are you still getting therapy? Working out on a regular basis to strengthen the return you have so far? Have you been working with a physiatrist (PM&R) physician??


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    I was doing pt 3 days a week but my PCP stopped it because I have some balging disk below my fusion so until then I have been taking it easy my PCP said about aqua therapy what's your thought on that does help good?? And for the PMR I never heard of that but I'm going to look into it plus I have DVT in my legs to I have a iuv filter in what does that PMR do??
    Richard Herr incomplete paraplegia T-12 burst fracture

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    A physiatrist is a physician specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R). They specialize in working with people with disabilities to maximize their function and can coordinate things like PT and OT programs, sexual rehabilitation, etc. Some specialize further in SCI Medicine.

    Pool therapy is excellent, but best done with a therapist who knows what your limitations are and can custom design an exercise program for you. Are you having more surgery for your additional ruptured disks??


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    No I just had a milogram done and the neurosurgeon call and said no surgery is needed just that the disk dry up so drink plenty of water and that would help with the disk so I hope he is right and I'm going to look into a pm&r before the pool tharopy thanks for all the info I just found this site tonight and I really like it it's a good thing to have out there!!!! Thanks again
    Richard Herr incomplete paraplegia T-12 burst fracture

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    Yes sorry my spelling isn't the best.. Lol
    Richard Herr incomplete paraplegia T-12 burst fracture

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