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Thread: Advice on powerchair need

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    Advice on powerchair need

    I've had a Invacare Storm and a Quickie s646, the Storm you can't buy anymore and the Quickie is a weak chair. Any suggestions on a good strong power chair?

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    I have had an Invacare Torque SP 3200 with gear-less brush-less motors for 11 years now. It has been repaired a few times (every couple years) and I am told by the techs that fix it that it is a strong reliable chair. Knock on wood nothing major has happened to it and they still sell them new so they stock the parts. Just the usual tires, batteries, cushion, arm pads and the motors and gearbox assemblies have been replaced. I am a 12 to 14 hour a day user and I do everything from this chair, I even drive from it.

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    Might be best to start with what features you need and then find a chair that meets your needs.

    For example, do you need power tilt-in-space? Power recline? An elevating seat? Power elevating leg rests? Do you prefer front wheel, mid-wheel, or rear wheel drive? What type of controls do you need (joy stick, sip-and-puff, head movement control)? What kind of terrain will you need to cover (indoors, sidewalks, grass, gravel, etc.)? What is your height and weight?


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    I have to disagree that a Quickie 646 is a weak chair. More than likely it was programmed by the dealer and not dialed in to its maximum potential output.

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    Could you define for us what exactly you mean by weak/strong?

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    I have a permobil C 300. Approximately 3 1/2 years old. My back is a corpus 2 and it sucks. The new back is corpus 3 and has more customization possible. Be aware of potential for back problems leading to shoulder problems. I am firmly convinced that I may have recently had unnecessary shoulder surgery due to an impingement problem brought about by my power chair back.

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    My Quickie 646 SE is definitely not weak. It's a beast!

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