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Thread: Clear Blue water vacation

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    Clear Blue water vacation

    I'm looking for a place for me and my wife to go prefer somewhere close to the ocean. I'm in a wheelchair and want to stay in the united states and don't have a ton of money to spend. Anyone have some ideas?

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    A cruise. Easy to get around, lots to do and they go above and beyond for wheelchair users.

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    A cruise would be great, but if you want to go right away, this might not be possible, as accessible cabins sell out many months in advance. You can try though. Alaskan cruises are going through early September, and many have great prices right now.

    Otherwise, consider the northern CA coast (redwood country) the Oregon or Washington coast, the Gulf coast or Florida. Florida is cheaper right now through November, but also will be starting their hurricane season, so you have to take that into consideration (Gulf Coast too). Maine is nice in August, but expensive.


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    Hi redroc,

    If you really don't want to spend much but want to be by big water might you consider the north shore of Minnesota? It is not the ocean but it is driveable from Aberdeen. While you admire Superior, visit Splitrock or watch the ocean going ships come and go at Duluth harbor you can plan your cruise or beach trip for this winter.

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    Actually the Great Lakes has an accessible cruise ship called the Pearl Mist the spouse has been checking into for next year. It spends summers between Chicago and Toronto then heads out the St Lawrence and down to Florida and the Bahamas.

    Easiest flights and ocean now are probably Ft Lauderdale, Virgina Beach or maybe Tampa. You just missed a fantastic sale on Southwest good through Christmas.
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    I LOVE cruises, but my wife can't swim and will not go with me....Thanks for all the ideas, any more keep them coming

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    She can't swim and that is the reason she won't go on a cruise?? If the ship sinks and you are in the water without a life vest, anyone is going to drown!!! Is she afraid of water in lakes, ponds and rivers too??


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    I know I agree, plus I told her drink enough and you won't have to worry about worrying about it it didn't work

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    What time of year? Why the ocean? You just like to hang out on the beach?

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