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Thread: Weird change over the last few months. Profuse sweating from a C7 Quad.

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    What about when you are sitting in your chair, do you sweat then? Also, is this sweating localised to your left hand side of the body? To be honest, I don't have a solution but I am a very similar position to you. I've been having ongoing issues with my bowels for ages now. Sometimes I don't have very good results, other times I do. Sometimes my emotions are normal, other times it's very runny and loose. This morning I sweated like a pig whilst laying on my left side having my bowels done, in fact I started sweating soon after the suppositories were inserted.however, again like you, I have had issues with a problem on my backside. I haven't actually got a "pressure sore" but I've had to deal with a sinus twice in six months. Today, I suspect it might be coming back, I'm not sure. Anyway, not wanting to hijack your thread, I you absolutely sure it's nothing to do with your sore? If you are sitting up and the sweating is bad, especially if you are finding that it's down one side of your body, may be your shoulder am, side of your neck, then I would look towards your pressure sore. Without wanting to worry you unduly, you may also want to make sure that you haven't got any tiny holes that could point to the sinus. Your symptoms are very very similar to what I have experienced over the years, so definitely investigate the sore more closely. I had one that I couldn't heal, but it was very superficial, were not really that bad at all, but unknowingly I did have this sinus that obviously was under the skin.

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    It could be AD related or it could be autonomic sweating, which is not uncommon is people with higher SCI. Have you taken your BP when it occurs?

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    I had profuse sweating and high blood pressure, after a colonoscopy they found 3 bleeding ulcers in my stomach

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