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Thread: aquacel hydrofiber blood soaked

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    aquacel hydrofiber blood soaked

    first post.

    hope i'm doing things right.

    mom's got a stage 3 pressure sore(coccyx) today i saw the hydrofiber(packing) was soaked with blood.

    never saw that before... now i've not been watching the nurses change the dressing all the time but i can't recall seeing that. i'm wondering since i turn her and move her in the bed that maybe i caused some trauma to the wound. i would say i don't think so cause i'm pretty careful when i turn her but who knows.


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    It often times does not take much to cause a wound/open area to bleed. It is a good sign in that it tells you that the blood supply is still in that area. However, that being said, you don't want to cause too much trauma. If you are the only one turning your Mom, you may need to turn her in sections. Sometimes it is better to have a dependent turn, rather than one where the person may be helping. Watch your technique carefully and see if you can pick up where you may be aggrevating the area.
    Hope that this helps.

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