After reading articles about the problems that Invacare had been having with their power wheelchairs because of them accidentally catching on fire due to bad wiring, and such. I've been curious to find out if the Quickie model power wheelchairs have the same problem. I currently have a Quickie S-525 power chair that has been a great power wheelchair for me, for the last almost thirteen years I've had it. I did see about getting a new power wheelchair as I was hoping to get a new one. But, unfortunately. Medicare, and my primary insurance have this new rule where I can't qualify for a new power wheelchair because I don't require the use of a power chair 24/7. I do use it out in my community when I am by myself. But, when I am at home. I can ambulate around my house with my walker. Same as if I was with family/friends. I have a Quickie 2 manual wheelchair that can easily fold up.