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Thread: Why I cannot use an ICON wheelchair.

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    Why I cannot use an ICON wheelchair.

    For fair evaluation of a wheelchair on this forum, I would like to post why I cannot use an ICON, which I paid the most among my previous & current manual wheelchairs.
    I purchased the ICON wheelchair about 1 year ago. Tried a few times. Great adjust-abilities, but didn't like the foot-rest and front-wing. I had to be out of country for awhile. So, I took my old Ti wheelchair.

    Seriously tried again from February, but still had several problems with the foot-rest and front-wing. Basically, angle of the foot rest was too stiff and front-wing was too narrow for me. Only front-part of the foot-rest touches my foot and my feet are easily fall out. Too narrow foot-rest, which is more caused by the narrow front-wing, was also the reason.

    On June, I contacted Jeff & ICON company and asked if they had a wider front-wing and flat foot-rest. As usual, Jeff was great for fast response and offered me a different type of foot-rest and a front-wing.: Flat foot-rest, and different design of font-wing, but Jeff informed me that width is same. I got them with discounted price.

    Flat foot-rest works for me, but the front-wing still doesn't work for me.
    "Front-wing is still too narrow and my leg gets a big dent and redness on the skin". I decided to use the ICOn wheelchair as a backup chair and now I am using my old Ti wheelchair.

    BTW, the chair is not heavy and adjustability is great! I learned a lot how small change of an angle, center of gravity and so on can make the chair a lot different. Also, great customer service from the ICON, but it was not for me. I guess my legs are widen enough from using a sling and lift for my transferring. (I am not a big person)

    Description of each images:
    20140619_130659.jpg: Old foot-rest. Too stiff and only front part of the foot-rest touches my feet.
    20140628_080534.jpg: New foot-rest. Touches whole foot.
    20140628_080729.jpg: When I sit on the wheelchair. Remember that width of foot-rest is not the real width of the feet. Location of each foot is determined by the top-part of the front-wing. Since the width of the front-wing and the width of the foot-rest is almost same, your feet should locate at narrower space than the foot-rest, which is already not wide enough (for some people). Legs on the picture doesn't look too bad, but my legs are touching the top part of the front-wing.
    20140630_180704.jpg: dent and redness on my right leg.
    20140630_180824.jpg: dent and redness on my right leg.
    20140706_173719.jpg: Another picture for the dent and redness.
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    Good feedback. Thanks for sharing
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    What is that width between the wings of the wide front end?
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    Here's an idea maybe make some calf protectors. Maybe Jeff can ring in on this.

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    I don't use the icon but as for the dents in the legs. thats very common. I have them everyday from my chairs, always have rep
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    It seems "splaying" of knees is a common problem that some wheelers experience.
    My issue is lack of a lap to carry stuff unless I put one foot way to the side so knees touch. That said, husband has same problem you do, but no redness. Any chance a velcro stap around knees would bring lower leg away from wing?

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    ~Lin: The width of the inner side of the wing is slightly more than 10 inches.
    funetejps: really? This manual chair was my 4 or 5th chair, but I didn't have any dent problem until this one.
    triumph: I thought about having some kind of strap, but didn't want to constrain my legs.

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    We just had an engineering meeting this morning to kick off a wider front end.

    We're thinking that it will be another 3" wider, which would put the footrest at 13" inside to inside - feedback on the sizing would be great.

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    JK - lowering your footrest or raising your seat height would probably reduce the leg splaying. When we have the wider wing, I'll send you one to test for us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffAdams View Post
    We just had an engineering meeting this morning to kick off a wider front end.

    We're thinking that it will be another 3" wider, which would put the footrest at 13" inside to inside - feedback on the sizing would be great.
    For whatever it's worth, 11-12" inside-to-inside seems to be the sweet spot for me w/ other chairs, at least for accommodating most footwear + a freewheel.

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