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Thread: 22 new curb cuts in .7 mile.

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    Well done, you have made a tremendous difference to many!

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    The ones I got going just took a lot of calls and one walk/roll around with our county streets commissioner. Way to go Skippy! If you go for the jury boxes send one letter and cc your clerk of courts and head judge for each court that sits in the building plus the position for whoever calls jurors. Offer to be there to show them all the things wrong with jury room, box, bathroom and any entry or parking areas. Some places that have not yet been made accessible is because the job is big enough they need it as a line item in the county budget one year. If they accept a walk/roll of the problems ask if there is a county contractor who can estimate costs who can also join you.

    Congrats on the Skippy22!
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    now we are up to 49 with more still pending. They are also re-doing the old ones as they get ready to re-pave the entire street. some sections still do not even have sidewalks yet.
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