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Thread: 22 new curb cuts in .7 mile.

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    22 new curb cuts in .7 mile.

    All of my hollering finally got some results. I live in the uppest scale section of my town and there are very few curb cuts. Most of the houses are mid century moderns that were built in the late fifties when it was not even thought to put sidewalks in let alone curb cuts. On the way home I counted twenty two in progress and more mapped out on the street in spray paint. Some intersections have five cuts because they are where a short block and a long block meet so they put a cut into the middle of the block.

    It only took five years and a lot of letters. Now if I can get the county to make the jury boxes accessible.

    Feels good to be able to make a difference. Lots and lots of letters.
    Anything worth doing, is worth doing to excess

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    Congratualations! Gotta love a win.

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    Good deal, you must feel good to have made a difference and make things better for everyone. I should do the same in Newport, it is really bad access, lots of steps and curbs.
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    That's awesome, must feel good to be able to bring about positive change.

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    Great job!

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    Mid-block cuts too? Bonus!!!!!!!
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    These are really beautiful new curb cuts too. They are really long and gently graded. The only thing I hate are those no slip bump filled pads at the bottom, but we get a lot of snow sometimes and I guess they keep the AB's off their bottoms when it is slick.
    Anything worth doing, is worth doing to excess

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    Ughhhhh I HATE those things! They have them completely lining the sidewalk entrance to this walgreens I use. I feel like my brains are being shaken up rolling across it. The small ones at the bottom or top of curb cuts don't bother me, but this is like having to roll across 10 feet of it. If I say anything to anyone while rolling across it, my voice sounds like when you speak through a running fan.
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    Fancy technical name for those annoying little bumps. PITA. I usually caster hop or wheelie through them.
    They're actually ADA required as a tactile warning for blind or partially-sighted individuals to indicate that they are about to enter vehicular traffic. What I've never understood is, if they are for the benefit of the visually impaired, why are they bright neon yellow!?!?!?

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    At least one of the curb cuts should have a plaque bearing your name with an inscription "The Skippy13 Curb Cut."

    Good Job!

    All the best,

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