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Thread: Awwww, she cried

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    It's great that she commends Todd for putting up with the challenge that you are!

    Back when I used to go out to the club with a friend of mine who was my regular partner in crime, other people would would frequently say to her "that is sooooo nice for you to be friends with him." WTF? Does the wheelchair lower one's social status points when they're within a 5 foot radius of me? lol
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    I rarely get any credit for what I put into the relationship. Oddly enough only my husband's mother has ever said anything like that. It's like people are so fixated on the fact that I am a wheelchair user and by some amazing miracle some able bodied person MARRIED me that they can't see the bennies HE gets. We both work from home, thanks to ME, and my husband hasn't had to have a 'real job' in 17 years. We get to live in a stunningly gorgeous part of the country because we can live where we want. I am a pretty darn good cook, too, so he gets to eat tasty food. No one ever acknowledges that, they only see that, wow, someone married!

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