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Thread: Supra pubic cathater 101

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    Try irrigating again, and if nothing comes out after aspirating back, drop the catheter as low as you can to see if it will drain by gravity for a minutes or two (sometimes it collapses the tube and you don't get urine out). If this doesn't work the balloon might be up against the bladder wall or in the tract. Try gently pushing the catheter in a little or you can put an empty syringe to the other port of the tube and draw in 1-2 mls from the balloon- keep it attached- then gently push the catheter in 1-2 inches or when you get urine 2 inches past that then replace the fluid you removed back in to the balloon.

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    Well I read every posts and every day I think that the suprapubic is my solution, because like in other opportunities I've said Iam c5/c6 sci and I can't catheterize myself, gjnl always has helped with clever information and I decide to make the procedure, but my question is with who? I am from Venezuela and I live here but when I had the accident I was transported to Miami Jackson hospital 17 year ago for the surgery and lived 1 year there, and every year I have to chance to travel to miami for vacation and I'd like to make the sp procedure there but in this 16 years I've only seen two doctors in Miami, 2011 Charles Lynne urology and 2012 Diana Cardenas Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation all for looking a procedure and check my exams, of course I see an urologist here but is not the same, the knowledge about SCI and supra pubic procedure and recovery. So any help is appreciate if anybody could recommend a good urologist at Miam or drcharles lynne is fine?
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    There is nothing special about how SP catheter surgery is done for someone with SCI compared to when it is done for an AB person. Not all urologists do surgery, but those who do should be competent to do this procedure on someone with a SCI.


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    Totally agree with last post. If you are concerned about the immediate post op care, it is a fairly straight forward procedure. You should go somewhere where they will do your care (turns, etc) with either your caregiver giving them instructions or their knowledge being complete. Other than that, I would not worry too much about where it is done.

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    It is doubtful that you will be staying in a hospital after the suprapubic procedure. Suprapubic catheter placement is usually an outpatient procedure that only requires about half a day in a hospital or surgery center. You may want to check out short term facilities that provide surgery recovery services. The urologist who places the catheter will want to see you in one month after the surgery to change the catheter, determine if the size and type of catheter placed remains appropriate for you and to teach you and/or your caregiver how to change the catheter.

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    My urologist placed a 16FR suprapubic catheter about 5 years ago, and that is what I am using today.

    Have you considered trying the Duette catheter?
    They will send you free samples. I think they only offer 16FR and 18FR sizes.
    See this thread:

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    Duette Cassidy is only available in the states, today my nurse try to put a 16 French in and it would not fit!

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