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Thread: Dr. Young, please check this:

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    Question Dr. Young, please check this:

    Is this Dr. lost his mind or something is good here?

    HCG: Spinal Cord and Neuronal Regeneration
    by Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, MD

    Two totally paraplegic humans walking with crutches after HCG treatment
    But the 1983 research report was not entirely confined to results achieved in experimental animals. In the very last two paragraphs of the nine page report, the researchers wrote: ?We have started a clinical trial on patients with total paraplegia using 20,000 units of HCG intramuscularly on the first day, followed by 10,000 units every day for the first week, and then 10,000 units every alternate day for five weeks. Whenever there was evidence of blockage, spinal canal decompression was carried out. The first patient with a lesion at T11- T12 spinal segment, now after three months is able to stand with a walker and move his lower extremities with voluntary movement in all muscle groups. The second patient, now after five weeks with a lesion at T1 spinal segment has almost complete sensory recovery, including bladder sensation, and has voluntary muscle contraction in both proximal [near] and distal [far] groups of muscles in his lower extremities.?

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    I believe this has been talked about here a couple months ago and Wise Young commented on it. Ill see if I can find it again.

    Edit: Found it.
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    Thanks Barrington, I couldn't come to this site 2 months ago so I didn't see it.

    be well,manouli

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    Were they new injury's or chronic sci?

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    You should wonder why this finding has been buried since 1983, why the clinical study had never been published, and why nobody has replicated it. I have seen this claim before and believe that it is being used to lure unsuspecting people to pay for this treatment. To my knowledge, the first and only paper published on the subject of HCG treatment of spinal cord injury was in 1983. The abstract is as follows.

    Patil AA and Nagaraj MP (1983). The effect of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) on functional recovery of spinal cord sectioned rats. Acta Neurochir (Wien) 69: 205-18. The effect of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) on functional recovery after complete spinal cord transection in the rat was studied. Twelve rats (6 male and 6 female) received HCG daily for the first week and then every alternate day for three weeks. Ten rats (5 male and 5 female) served as controls. Return of bladder function, Tarlov's grading and measuring the maximum angle at which the rats were able to climb up an inclined plane were used as criteria in assessing the functional recovery. Improvement was noted in the HCG-treated rats by the end of two weeks. At six weeks the recovery of HCG-treated rats as compared to the control group was very significant (p less than 0.001). No recovery whatsoever was noted in the control group even after six weeks. Histological evidence of bridging of the gap between the cut ends of the spinal cord by nerve fibres containing tissue was noted in the HCG-treated rats only. The possible mode of action of HCG on spinal cord injury is briefly discussed.

    Wright mentions the clinical study as part of a personal communication from Dr. Patil and two footnotes in some published report to the NIH. There has been no replication, no further work, and no confirmation of these findings.

    HCG or human chorionic gonatropin is hormone that is produced by the cells that go on to produce the placenta. Some cancer cells produce this hormone. When this hormone is elevated in a patient who is not pregnant, one should suspect cancer. HCG is similar to luteinizing hormone, secreted by the pituitary hormone in males and females of all ages. The physiological role of LH is to stimulate ovulation and testerone production. In 2011, the FDA prohibited sales of over the counter HCG diet products, declaring them fraudulent and illegal.

    People should not be rushing to test this hormone on themselves.


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