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Thread: Are dragon naturally speaking upgrades needed?

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    Question Are dragon naturally speaking upgrades needed?

    I read on Facebook tonight that dragon have released version 13 I have recently brought version 12 and I am happy with it. Do I need to upgrade?

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    I have been using DNS 12 for over 2 years and find it perfectly serviceable. One place you may want to consider visiting is the Knowbrainer Forms. You will find a wealth of information there which has been very helpful to me over a number of years. Bob

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    If you are happy with version 12 I would wait until version 14 as you still only have to pay the upgrade price. You can upgrade 2 versions e.g. 10-12 or 12-14 but not 12-15. Otherwise you have to buy the whole product not just an upgrade. Rest assured in two years time version 14 will be out and may be a significant difference from version 12 or 12.5.

    You have upgraded to 12.5 haven't you? It's free with a few bug fixes but probably nothing you would notice except for maybe the annoying outlook page down problem.

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