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Thread: Waterproof bathing sling??

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    Waterproof bathing sling??

    I need a PVC Hygienic Bathing Sling. The only one I can find is sold by SureHands. Unfortunately these numbnutz will only sell their slings to SureHands lift owners. It seems silly but its policy.

    Does anyone have one for sale or know of another supplier? or know whose ass I need to kiss at SureHands??

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    All of the lift manufacturers pretty much follow the same policy of only selling their brand slings for use with their brand of lifts, and you risk voiding the warranty if you use a different brand sling with your lift.

    Most of the sling manufacturers make a bathing mesh hygiene sling, although they may not be made of PVC (some are nylon, for example). What brand/model of lift do you have?


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    I different lifts in various homes, but basically ARJO and BHM. I also have many slings as well, but like the hygienic type. The mesh slings take too long to dry when travelling.

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