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Thread: Does anyone use Stretch (Resistance) Bands for Exercise

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    Does anyone use Stretch (Resistance) Bands for Exercise

    I'm thinking of buying these.
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    I need to get fit and am too self conscious to go to a gym and don't have the room in my apartment for an actual home gym.

    Does anyone use these? If so how do you use them in your wheelchair? What are the problems you face?
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    I'm a quad and I use theraband every day in various ways. I don't know your particular situation but it looks like those will work if you can grasp the handles which I cannot. This has been posted before so I assume it's O.K.

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    I use them for small muscles (internal and external shoulder rotations, mostly) and when I'm on the road and can't get to a gym to use real weights. They're a good thing to have in your toolkit and are easy to store and transport.

    I was leery of the gym too, when I first started working out, but I soon discovered that most people are completely absorbed in themselves and were not paying any attention to me. Is there a gym near you that provides personal training or at least a gym orientation session? Working out in the gym with someone else can help with that feeling of self-consciousness, too.
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    I am a former high level, highly competitive athlete with 41 years in a chair. I used the Thera bands and cords for cross training when I couldn't get into the gym to train. Now I use them exclusivly while standing in the stander or working out from my home. I also use them for a warmup before meeting with my trainer at the gym. I buy various strengths and lengths by the box. I've put hooks in the ceiling over my stander so I can do overhead workouts while standing. Also use them tied at various heights to work different muscle groups from different angles. Buying by the box ensures I have the lengths of cords and bands I need to do the work I need to do. I don't have problems working out from a wheelchair at all. If a challenge comes up, I figure out a way to work that muscle from the chair or while standing up. The beauty of them is you can attach them anywhere, wrap them around a pole, tie to a doorknob etc. and get a good workout. I keep a length in my car and workout while parked or waiting for the wife .

    The bands shown will only do so much and really won't do much except perhaps a few arm exercises. They will be better than nothing I guess. You need to start pushing your chair, if you can. Start with a gentle slope and go up and down it as many times as you can. Then go up backwards to work the triceps and lower core.

    Going into a gym and not knowing how to workout is not good at all, in fact you can injure yourself fairly easily. I have a personal trainer once a week who works out with me. He ensures I have the proper form and function doing the exercise. He'll often times stand behind me and actually hold my body in the correct position so I can maximize the routine and not fall over backwards. A gym is a great place to get information on what you need to do to reach the goals you want. Students from the local college are great for volunteering to train you; esp. those in the personal training, pt and ortho programs.

    Bands and cords are a great way to help get in shape. If you want to lose weight and gain cardio, you need to move the body to get the heartrate up. Knowing your level of injury would really help before offering specific exercises to do.

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    Mutley, I would highly recommend this initial and any further advice from Patrick. I have received excellent suggestions from Patrick concerning my exercise routine.

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    I use TheraBand also. You can do practically anything with them and have them cut whatever length required. I have 9 different strength.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darty View Post
    I'm a quad and I use theraband every day in various ways. I don't know your particular situation but it looks like those will work if you can grasp the handles which I cannot. This has been posted before so I assume it's O.K.

    I'm a quad also with limited hand functioning. I've just bought some resistance bands for exercise. How do you use them? I'm looking for wrist straps that I could put on myself.
    Any suggestions?

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