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Thread: UTI and blood in it Normal?

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    UTI and blood in it Normal?

    I had UTI in the past but they came with cloudy urine and high temperature.
    This time, I was feeling just tired and weak and when i went to bed i saw my urine red...very bloody.
    Went ER and they tad me was UTI and they gave me some Antibiotics until the culture is done.
    After 2 days i'm still having blood in the it normal?
    How long cam go on?
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    Have you had kidney or bladder stones in the past? If so you may have another one and be passing it. If not i would go and get checked for both. Yes it could very well be an infection and only a culture will be able to tell for sure. The blood may continue for a few days
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    You need to get the results of the culture to make sure you are on the right antibiotics based on the results of the culture. Certain organisms can be very irritating to the bladder and it can cause bloody urine.
    If you are on the right antibiotics and urine is still bloody then you need to go see if you have kidney stones or other causes of the bleeding.

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