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Thread: Foley catheter leaking & Keflex

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    Hi Lori! Sounds like you hit the Perfect Storm. First, stop using vinegar for instilling. It promotes the growth of a. staph. You may have erosion that has finally reached the point where a uti or an antibiotic can set off the leaking. If you can get another C& S after you've been off the Keflex a full 2 days (3 may be better for you) and you continue to leak then up the ditropan to 5 mg three times a day. Give that a few days to fully kick in. If that doesn't work then I'd suggest the whole ball of wax--urodynamics, new CT and video cystoscopy. Any chance you can get your sister to travel with you? I'm thinking you could get all tests done in two days but you'd need to stay overnight in a hotel. I did this early on when my second opinion on getting full bladder back was up in Philadelphia at U of PA. Unfortunately everything starts one day at some point but unlike ABs we may not notice the first signs of a change. I would put the Keflex on the list of antibiotics you don't handle well if there is a choice. With me it is the cephalexins that kill my stomach.
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    This probably will not be of any benefit to you but have you tried decreasing the amount of saline that you use to inflate the bulb on your catheters? I was having similar problems not long ago, pain in my abdomen and leaking around my foley. I've inserted catheters too far when replacing mine before and the pain resembled that so I figured that the foley was just irritating the lining of my bladder. I withdrew about 3 cc's of saline and have not had a problem since decreasing the amount.

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    Thanks so much for responding Sue & Brent!

    Sue - I have been instilling my bladder with vinegar and saline ever since the build up of sediment in my urine became so bad that it was clogging my catheter. 2010. The sediment was/is caused by Proteus Mirabilis (pathogenic bacteria that my husband was very familiar with). Rhetorical question... don't you think my catheter would leak slowly around it very slowly a couple days a week or off & on for a period of time before just been okay one day and not the next day and the following days (and now over a week)?

    I probably will contact my PCP to do another culture and sensitivity since I have been off the Keflex since Saturday. I will just have to take it day by day. The leaking has gotten less after I began getting up in the chair on Monday. It now seems to be positional. I will always take your input because not taking any input would be folly. :-)

    Brent -- I did not try decreasing the amount of saline put in the bulb/below out of my catheters simply because I have always kept the same amount in. You might have something there however. Although I am somewhat of a crossroads with being a little bit leery to do that just in case it caused even more leaking and it not doing what works for you but I guess it can't hurt to try for me since our symptoms are the same.

    Thanks so much!!!

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