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Thread: Invention submission companies

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    Invention submission companies

    Has anyone any experience with these? I have regular ideas for things that would make this life easier, and I would love to find someone to make them for me, and wouldn?t it be nice to make money from them as well. There is Inventhelp, and I have found A few others. Any input or advice?

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    You might want to talk to Urban Miyares, president of the non-profit Disabled Businesspersons Association:

    He has a number of patents under his name, and has helped a number of other people develop their products, get patents, and either make and market themselves, or sell their ideas to industry.

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    stay away from them.

    check with legit inventor help organizations like UIA and depending upon your location a local Inventor Council may be close.

    united inventors association

    if you have any questions just ask.


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    Quirky does some cool stuff and has great partnerships.

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