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Thread: ADA accommodation request, is the kind of questioning appropriate?

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    ADA accommodation request, is the kind of questioning appropriate?

    The person is returning to work after an injury the work (a public building) keeps coming back with responses such as this. The doctors seem to be getting annoyed.

    We received your Return to Work form from your doctor.

    We seek clarification from your doctor as to exactly what the ?limitation of scooter if necessary? means on your return to work form.

    Does that mean you will have it here daily and will need to use it in the regular performance of your receptionist duties, or is it only to use when you need to go a further distance, such as down the hall to the restroom or to the supply room ?

    Also, what type of scooter would be required?

    If you could, please ask your doctor to provide more detail to clarify the limitation so everyone understands exactly what is intended.

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    Are you providing the scooter or is the employer under the impression they need to provide the scooter, i.e. "Also, what type of scooter would be required?"

    Other than that, the questions seem inappropriate.

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    The person has a GOGO scooter which she has been using

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    Here are the guidelines published by US Equal Employment Oppotunity Commission (EEOC)

    Job Applicants and the Americans with Disabilities Act

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    I think those questions are quite appropriate. The employer is making the accommodations, but cannot do so without a precise understanding of the details. It's best if the employee gives a very detailed description of his/her needs and limitations. And makes suggestions as to equipment, modifications, etc. the employer sounds like it is willing to accommodate, but is unsure of exactly what is required. The doctor can only document the medical guidelines. He won't know the specifics of the workplace environment, nor should he be expected to figure out the details as to what will work for the employee in that environment. It's best if the employee advocates for himself/herself. He/she knows best what will and won't work. If the obstacle requires an overly complicated solution, perhaps consult an OT for practical suggestions.
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