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Thread: Slippery surface

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    Slippery surface

    Does anybody have any ideas about what I could use to affix to my armrest pad that would be slippery enough to allow my arm to move back and forth towards the joystick? I'm having a hard time accelerating because my arm gets stuck on the pad. Letting go of the joystick is a challenge too.

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    Wrap it tightly with a piece of satin fabric. You can also try rip-stop nylon fabric. If you know someone who sews, perhaps they can do a
    "slip cover" for your arm rest with one of these materials.


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    Try spraying it with scotch guard or pledge till you get the material.

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    A slip cover may help a lot. I've known peeps that just use a crew-knit tube sock with the toe removed (if your chair has cantilever arms). Sprinkling a little talcum or baby powder will also help. But you also may have too much weight on the armrest...
    If you are a quad with limited hand/wrist function, you are basically operating the joystick from your shoulder. The position of your arm and hand are important to keep the muscles relaxed and to make the motions efficient (minimal effort, maximal control) To facilitate this, make sure the armrest and joystick are prooperly adjusted. The armrest should be low enough to just lightly support your arm at the elbow with your shoulder relaxed. It should be angled slightly downhill toward the joystick. The stick should be far enough forward so that your elbow is an inch or so in front of your shoulder when the joystick is in neutral. A tri-pin or vertical handgrip can be very beneficial because it will partially supinate the forearm (thumbs up position). The object is to keep everything as neutral as possible, and keep minimal pressure (weight) on the forearm.
    Just like any hand controls, you may have to tinker around a bit until you find the sweet spot.

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    What kind of covering is on your current armrest? Wearing a long sleeved shirt from slippery satin-like material my be the easiest solution.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @

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