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Thread: Pressure sore scar tissue care

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    Pressure sore scar tissue care

    Pressure sore healed, left about 1/2"x1/2" of scar tissue right by my coccyx I think. It turns red every time I ride in a car, so I make sure to try and sit more upright now instead of slouching.

    I read on another post that hyaluronic acid pills is good for skin. Would topical application on the scar tissue be of any help?

    Is there anything else I can do? Diet supplements or anything of the like?

    how long does it take a red scar tissue area to turn regular skin color?


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    On my husband's we use Aquaphor (sp?) on his scar tissue. That seems to have worked wonders!
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    The best thing you can do is to just keep pressure off the area. From experience I can tell you that the seam in pants is often an irritant and source of pressure. There are a zillion treatments for the perfect skin but almost no hard research supporting the claims. Eat plenty of protein and fruits and veggies and you will get all the nutrients you need. Thinking you have a miracle protectant is likely to give you a false sense of security.
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    Scar tissue is difficult, agree with above that keeping pressure off of it helps and prevent recurrent shearing in the area. Keeping it soft with a scar reducing cream. Duoderm or a foam type dressing to cover the area to prevent bumping/shearing on the site with transfers also.


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    What time of cream is best? Seems I've tried them all.

    Bioderm sucked. Sween sucks. Something with a high level of urea - nope. All other kinds that I forget.

    Amlactin works best for me so far.
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    I have heard of Mederma that works well with scars and stretch marks


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    Thank you all for the great ideas. I am definitely going to be trying these products

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    I use vitamin e cream from Sam's, it seems to keep mine good and soft, and the red goes away real quick, also, why not try and use a 2" roho or something of that nature riding in vehicle, and not sitting directly on the seat, that's what I do......

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