My brother had an incomplete C4/C5/C6 injury (worst being C5) in China. He had a surgery in Shanghai 2nd military hospital and now in Ningbo (Ningbo Rehabilitation Hospital) for physical therapy.
He has sensation in his limbs, but no movement on his legs. He can move front of his arms, wrists and very minimal movement in his hands. Because he is in China and none of us speak the language, we have hard time understanding the doctors. Although he has people that translates, its still not the same as having an english speaking dr explaining you things... It has been 4 weeks since the surgery but we havent seen much improvement. We were also told not to fly him for 6-8 weeks. I know that time is passing and we are just waiting. What are the initial physical therapy routes that doctors recommended for this type of surgery? He is on catheter and im not sure what exactly they are doing to improve his bowel movements, etc. He was also recently transferred to another hospital to be treated for an infection in his lungs. He will be there for 5 days which means no PT during that time. This has been very difficult on everyone, especially since we are not able to communicate with the doctors. I want to be able to give him examples of how a PT is scheduled and done in the US, what are the most critical things we have to follow or look out for, etc...

Can someone recommend nutritional diet, PT schedule recommendations and share your experiences?

I was also told by another carecure user that Dr Wise Young has been involved in stem cell research in china and maybe able to recommend dr or hospitals. I would really appreciate if i can get some guidance.