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Thread: New van and cold feet

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    New van and cold feet

    I backed out of three deals to buy vans over the past three years. I cannot back out of the latest one. It's final: A 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan with a ramp, dropped floor and all the other goodies.

    For the past 40 years, I have been driving a two-door sedan. Three were Cadillacs and one was a Ford Gran Torino.

    Does anyone else get cold feet and will that feeling go away as I get acclimated to the van?
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    What causes you to feel unsure about the purchase of an adapted van? price? not stylish enough? hard to drive? ????

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    me to mainly because of the extra parking room and the groundclearance or just to many moving parts to break but ive heard a lot of good things fromother van owners and they love them
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    Once I moved to a ramped van, I never looked back.

    Actually, if I could find a Jag XKE I could afford, I might switch...
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    after 25 years of loading and unloading, I will never go back, just rollin' in and going is the never stopped me from going, but I sure do go to as many places all in one day without even thinking about it!

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    I think you'll come to appreciate the easier entry; so will your shoulders.

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    My guess is you will wonder why you didn't do this 20 years ago.

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    We just jumped from minivans with a Braun Companion Seat for me, as passenger, to the full ramp, lowered floor, etc last summer. For ease and fast entry and exit in the snow or rain it is fantabulous! But knowing from paratransit the difference between riding in a factory produced captains chair and being locked in or strapped down in even a pwerchair had us agreeing that no longer than 4 hours at a go on highway trips. Other than that we both love the Honda with the Braunability conversion and Q'Strain lock system although a Porsche boxster is actually cheaper!
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    Van are shoulder savers. That is no small thing.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

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    I do not see any votes for staying with a regular car. At 42 years post-injury, I don't know how much longer my shoulders are going to last. My biggest concerns are finding enough room to put the ramp out , the fact that no one else can drive it except me and low parking garage heights.

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