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Thread: video of me walking / ambulating / trying / do you see any potential?

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    Thanks Kelrod. Right now I'm kinda struggling to get motivated. But for a few months I've been walking a little more every week, 6 or 7 days a week. I've taken as many as 300 steps at a time. It's so rewarding but it's getting difficult to keep at it. Right now walking everyday is my main exercise so I need to keep on. But I know if I added other exercises it would benefit me greatly, I hope to find my motivation and the exercises ​ need soon. Please share routines / exercises that have made a great difference in your progress.

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    I'm not aware of your upper body strength level, but the Arc Trainer and/or the elliptical machines works for me (with supervision) they both reinforce hip movement, engage hip flexors and improve cardio.

    In addition, I lift weights for upper body, core and lower body strength and conditioning using (standard free weights and standard nautilus gym equipment offered at most gyms).

    More importantly, I continue physical therapy with my P.T at the SCI rehabilitation hospital near my home.

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