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Thread: Antibiotics and bowels.

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    Antibiotics and bowels.

    Hello. I had a big uti went to the er for 4 days and had a 14 days run of intravenous antibiotics at home. Im on the waiting list for a spinctoretomy and have been on a small dose of antibiotics for two months now. Lately I have been getting a lot of runny stools and have many accidents. I eat yogurt with probiotics and started taking Align probiotic pills but still no change. Is there anything else I can do to try and stop the dhiarrea.
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    You need to have your stool tested to see if you have c. diff. With the scenario you report, it is highly likely. If you do have c. diff., you need to be treated for it. It can develop into a very serious or even life threatening condition if untreated.


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    I have been tested and all came back negative.

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    I have been tested and all came back negative. I have no abdominal pain or cramps.

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    If you have been tested in the last few days, and are negative, you can try just taking some antidiarrheal medications such as Kaopectate and/or Imodium to see if these will help.


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