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Thread: How do you stay in shape if you use a power chair?

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    see below.........

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    Can you elaborate on what you do with a heavy bag? Just boxing or other exercises?
    I punch-- fast and high reps- get heart going and shoulders burning. I also do this exercise where i sit where bag is about almost arms length away. using flat palm I push bag so it swings forward and out of reach, as it swings back towards me i (with open hand) catch/absorb the momentum, but not with a locked arm, allow it to move your arm back a little to chest, and just repeat. Keep it going back and forth, i usually do about 25 reps. it gives shoulder a nice workout and also your core.

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    All I can say is that it is tough when your shoulders are shot and painful. I have cut my calories down to less than 2000 and that does not seem to be enough. Cutting down on calories has resulted in a need for more fiber supplements to keep my bowels working. Every time I think I have figured out how to control my weight something else pops up. Arrrgg!
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    I use a rickshaw (it's the exercise machine you push down on) with lighter weights for various amounts of time. Typically I try to go for 200 reps inside 5 min. That'll get your heart beating pretty good. Then I add some weight to get my muscles stronger. It works a whole bunch of stuff and it's low impact. I'd be all up on a upper body exercise machine that works well.
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    Beware of rickshaws. Although they can provide exercise and strengthen triceps, the push-up like motion they use is the worst thing for the shoulder joints. It can be a quick trip to the orthopedic surgeon or sports medicine specialist for treatment of the shoulder impingement syndrome and pain.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

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