Hi everyone. I would have a few questions regarding the researches in the intent to find the 'cure' or just something to improve our condition, our life. I hope I'm right and you won't think I'm a crazy person. I can't say I have much experience in the area as I'm a quad only since March last year, and respect for all the SCI veterans managed to live their lives without even think about cures, but I do can say that I have a good idea, and from what I've seen and read in this forums, I think that the cure for the SCI or that 'just something' to improve our lives is already there! The problem is that we have to wait in 'agony' and keep suffering and struggling with this horrible life day by day thinking with tremendous sorrow about our life before the accident, hoping that one day we are going to start living again, wait for the right treatment to be found and made available.
Concerning the latest discoveries towards the cure, I still wonder why do the the researchers not collaborate more, sharing their outcomes in order to take a more viable treatment into trials. For example, let's say that combining the therapies like Neurotrophin-3 with the UCBMC+lithium and with the potassium channel blocker would maybe give better results. And maybe adding the epidural stimulator to help get more movement in order to make a faster axonal recovery. I am just expressing my opinion and I have no means to offend anyone, and I apologize if so, because I might be wrong as I wouldn't have the right knowledge to make this suggestions.
As I said before I believe that the researchers got the key already. It's just to much politics, regulations and a huge lack of funds to make this whole process moving. We should get all together and start making protests against the governments which is ignorant and doesn't even think about this. We should remind them what hundreds of thousands of people are experiencing and what they need. We need our doctors to make available the long waiting cure, but they need finance to keep working. We need to be so grateful to these people who work their back so hard for us but in order to help us we need to help them which are thirsty for researches and experiments, trials and to touch the goal but the biggest impediment is the lack of funds. I'm not saying this to ask any of you for funding but to rise all together and start requesting are right to get help from the one that does have the power but no willing to help us, which is the government. It's just pitiful and makes me cry when I see many fundraising groups after so many efforts and months or years of waiting, raising a few thousands of dollars, maybe. At this pass we're not going anywhere and our wait seems to be eternal. The government spends billions of dollars each year on ridiculous things that aren't really necessary. We just need a small part of it and to move things even faster we need the government to give the green light for the SCI research by not imposing so many rules and controls asking for so many papers, which makes it all very slow. Those people making these laws just don't care or they're ignorant. We should start speaking up louder, doing whatever is needed to make us heard. Write to the president if possible, get into the biggest television shows, Oprah or something, anything. If all this is done properly we do have a chance to have our life back. The users of this forums are mostly US citizens, where the most of the work is done, and you have the power to try change the things. I live in Ireland where unfortunately there isn't much involvement in the SCI research. But even so I never give up on trying to help every way I can to make a difference.