I do slip the bands down to my biceps and do some chest work. I usually like to do them one at a time because my left arm is weaker than my right so I do extra on the left to try and catch it up. I don't know if you can see in the photos above and I should have pointed it out but there is another "C" shaped hook just above and facing the floor at the bottom of that post. I face the post and use a theraband loop to catch the hook then I can do bicep curls. Also with the loop still in the bottom hook I turn sideways with my shoulder facing the post, with the theraband strap at my elbow and do shoulder raises. Then I can lower the strap to my wrist and do fly's across my body for lats and back muscles. My balance is not good enough to do rows but you can do those from the bottom or top hook also.

I'll get on those videos soon.